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Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in Auto, Fashion |

FASHION: #Mercedes Treads Into Fashion World with AMG #Burnout Bags That Cost $1000.00 (video)

FASHION: #Mercedes Treads Into Fashion World with AMG #Burnout Bags That Cost $1000.00 (video)

Fashion can be difficult to understand, especially for us literal-minded car enthusiasts, but Mercedes-Benz AMG is making things very simple with its new fashion line. Its new line of Burn Out Bags, along with German label Destroy vs. Beauty, are made by running over high-quality leather with high-performance cars and making goods out of the resulting material. Buyers can choose anything from handbags to suitcases.

It’s not cheap to have a CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake run over a bag, apparently. The least-expensive Burn Out Bag retails for 780 euros ($1,068 at current exchange rates), and prices range up to $1,978 for a burnout suitcase. Of course, it does seem like something that could be done for less money at home, assuming you had a car capable of a quality burnout. But if fashion is this simple, a lot of auto enthusiasts might be showing up on Project Runway in the coming seasons.

Scroll down to check out the video of fashion being made, and if run-over leather is not your style, Destroy vs. Beauty’s other fashion line is the Not Bulletproof collection of t-shirts and bags that have been shot by .44-caliber pistols.