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Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in Electornics |

TECH: #CES Champagne Gold HTC One Spot at #CES2014

TECH: #CES Champagne Gold HTC One Spot at #CES2014

htc one 1

We’re here at CES, and what should we spy but HTC’s “Champagne Gold” version of its flagship. Unlike the edition crafted for the MOBO awards, this one ditches the 18-carat shell in favor of a finish that, up close and personal, is actually a little classier than the real thing. We’ve taken some snaps of the handset just because we know that you’re curious to see it in the real, but we should warn you of a couple of downsides. First up, it’s not coming to the US, at least not in its current form, and secondly, with the HTC One coming up to its first birthday, it’s not likely to be favorite son for too much longer, you know?

htc one 2