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Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in Art, Life |

LIFE: Os Gemeos x Hennessy V.S Limited Edition

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A collectible work of art.
The result of a shared passion.

A tradition of artistry

Introducing the Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottle designed by Os Gemeos. Brazilian-born identical twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo (Os Gemeos translates as “The Twins”) emerged from the hip-hop and street art scene of 1980’s Sao Paulo to take their place among the world’s most respected and recognizable artists. Following in the footsteps of Futura and KAWS, our partnership with Os Gemeos is the latest Hennessy collaboration with signature artists, reflecting our centuries of commitment to creativity and artistry.

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An enduring vision

For Os Gemeos, it was in keeping with their boundless vision to design a limited edition bottle for Hennessy V.S. “The label represented a new medium that could carry our message… It was a fluid process for us to go from one format, like the street, to another, like the bottle label.” In both process and finished artwork, the Hennessy + Os Gemeos partnership reflects deeply held, shared values: “Hennessy is not just a drink to us, it is history…We take a similar approach in our work—we draw what we believe in, and we aim to preserve those visions.”

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Inspired by a sense of place

Just as Hennessy is defined by its origins in Cognac, the work of Os Gemeos is similarly imbued with a sense of place. “São Paolo made us who we are… It was an environment that called on us to improvise.” Inspired by their vast and diverse city, and informed by their journey to Cognac, Os Gemeos weave fanciful characters into their colorful dreamscapes. “We live in our dream world 24 hours a day, and our art is a way of putting outside what we find inside. For us, that’s what life is about—continually opening new windows


Collaboration defined by passion

When it comes to a shared passion for craftsmanship, Hennessy’s partnership with Os Gemeos is a natural alliance—both infuse a singular devotion and energy into every creation. Os Gemeos’ intense pace of creative exploration is the artistic personification of the Hennessy motto: Never Stop. Never Settle. Even from a color perspective—the hues of our cognac, and the yellow, red, and brown shades found in Os Gemeos’ work form a striking visual harmony.

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Os Gemeos in Cognac

Os Gemeos were inspired by their visit to Cognac, France, the ancestral home of Hennessy. The artists were attracted to the artistry and living history of Hennessy, and were fascinated by the contrasts with their bustling home city, Sao Paulo, Brazil.