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Posted by on Mar 26, 2013 in Electornics |

TECH: Samsung Galaxy 4

TECH: Samsung Galaxy 4

iPhone killer? To me it seems like every non-Apple phone is the next iPhone Killer nowadays. To be honest, I haven’t seen anything come close when it comes with quality build and the best OS in my opinion out there. I’m sure all my Droid friends would love to stone me with their phones right now, but Apple lover or not, iPhones are the best phones PERIOD.

Bigger screen? I hope Samsung probably have stock in baggy jeans because I’m sure most of gentleman that reads this blog wear skinny or straight jeans. I really don’t know how people can shove this big phone in their front pockets without cracking the screen when sitting down.

Better camera? As a Instragram Food Blogger, sure a nice camera is great. As a photographer, I rather bring my s95 or SLR if I really want to take a good quality shot. Why would I want 13mp camera for my blog with a stupid tint or turning the image in black and white.

T-Mobile? I’m sorry to my T-Mobile friends but why do I care about your cheap service. One day.. Either AT&T or Sprint will eventually buy T-Mobile so why do I care?

Google Now > Siri? I can probably tell you, I dont use Siri as much people advertise. So who cares?

Removable Battery? I have my iPhone 4 for almost 2 years and my battery is solid. I don’t charge my phone unless I have to and I have to say my battery life is amazing. Yes my bluetooth, wifi and brightness is at max without any issues. By the time I have a poor battery, it’s time for a new phone. So who cares?!

Storage? With everything moving to cloud, I can tell you I only have 1 album on my iPhone? So upgradeable storage? Doesn’t matter to me!

I hope you enjoyed my rant about iPhone vs Galaxy but at the end of the day, buy what you want!